Good Friday Texas Scramble

It was good to see Mike Dawson playing today and having a steady round with George Willerton and to see David Birch on a rare visit. The Captain also had a surprise guest in his team having initially thought it was to be a two ball with Ken Trussell. It turned out that he is a taxi driver in Chard who lost his way and fancied a game of golf today; then we found out to our dismay that he wasn’t even sixty. We enjoyed his company and conversation!
There was no real surprise when the winners eventually got in about an hour or so after the rest of us to post an excellent score of 58.25 just pipping the Captains team by 1.5. However the Captain and Ken decided to disqualify themselves as our guest player was not a member of the seniors. He did admit that today gave him some idea as to what the seniors are like!

Today’s winners:-
1st Barry Singleton/Danny Dowell/Bob Barrow         58.25      £15 team
2nd Edmundo Paoloni/Andy Beale/Tony Stenhouse   61.30        12
3rd Trevor Dobson/Brian Hodder/John Pearce             61.66         9
4th Barrie Heath/Colin Ireland/Geoff Dean                   62.67         6
Usual handicap reductions apply for first two places.

There were numerous birdies; too many to pay out, so birdie money goes to charity.

Easter Monday.  Mates day. There are events organised by the club and some slots available but you must book up at the pro shop.

St Georges Day Bash. There is a provisional start sheet in the changing rooms. Please stick to your times as near as possible as catering has to be taken into consideration as well. I will be talking with the new franchisee’s either tomorrow or Sunday and will post more details soon after.

Friday 25th April rollup is 2 from 3 stableford.
          Team match at home to Rushmore; tee time 11.30am. Team sheet in changing room.

Have a good Easter.              AD 18.4.14. Print Page
First Qualifying Medal of the season.

It was the day for the two Barry’s or should it be Barrie’s to shine. Scoring was in general fairly difficult despite the course being in very good condition. It was noticeable that the aprons around the greens had not been cut as low as the fairways and this may have affected some of our approach shots. This however, did not prevent Barrie Heath with seventy one and Barry Singleton seventy three from each winning their respective divisions; congratulations to both of them. It was all fairly close behind them with four in division one with seventy five and three in division two. There were two two’s today on what is probably the hardest par three on the course the second, Mick Aldridge getting one and the Captain the other.
Today’s winners are:-
Division 1.
          1st Barrie Heath            71               £16
          2nd Edmundo Paoloni 72                 10
          3rd Alan Chance           74                   7
4th Stuart Pope             75                   5
          5th Norman Markby     75                   2
Division 2.
          1st Barry Singleton      73               £16
          2nd Richard Hall           74                 10
          3rd Chris Denman        75                   7
          4th Robin Flower         75                   5
          5th Gordon Bareham    75                   2

Mick Aldridge and Alan Davis each win £10 for the two’s competition.
Well done to all of the winners.

Good Friday.  3 ball Texas scramble; 5 drives each 1/6 combined handicap at normal rollup times.
On Easter Monday there is no organised golf for the senior section, however, the Club has a Running stableford over 18th,19th,20th and 21st . Open to all on full handicap and you can enter as many times as you like. On Friday 25th there is a 9 hole competition from 4pm onwards followed by a BBQ. Again open to all. Please support your club.

St George’s Day Bash is next Wednesday. The draw will be done tomorrow, Thursday. Enjoy your Bangers and Mash. Fancy dress permitted.  AD 16.4.14
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