Bogey Competition– 27th May 2015

 Played on a beautiful day that was perfect for golf, we played a bogey competition where 1 point was scored for a net birdie, zero points for a net par and plus one for a bogey or worse. The early teams scored in reverse but their scores were revised by the scrutineer. There were three teams who stood out head and shoulders above the rest. The winning team of Clive Fisk and Mike Mosser used their shots very wisely scoring 6 net birdies where they had 2 shots on the hole, much to the chagrin of the low handicappers, some of whom struggled to keep up. But such is four ball better ball when the winning team requires one of the pair to score well on every hole.

Only 3 birdies were scored, one by Nick George and Roger Stone, one by John Pearce and John Wallis and one by Ian Fielder and Mike Aldridge. Each birdie pays £4.50 per team.

£ each
Clive Fisk
Mike Mosser
Roger Stone
Nick George
Iain Rowland
Alan Davis
Martin Leigh
Trevor Dobson
Brian Anderson
John Lyford
Tom Downey
Andy Beale
Nobby  Hodder
Mike Hone
Mike Burt
Edmundo Paoloni
Brian Denning
John MacOmish
John Pearce
John Wallis
Frank Martin
Nick Hill
Ian Fielder
Mike Aldridge
Bob Barrow
Alan Chance
Ron Sutherland
George Willerton


The usual domestic handicap cuts apply, two shots for the winners and one shot for the runners up.


Brian Marsh played in the Rolling Stableford and scored 21 points.


Please Note that the main bar will by closed next Monday, 1st June and Tuesday 2nd June for building work. Whilst the main bar is closed alternative bar facilities will be available in the marquee. The main bar will then be open from Wednesday 3rd until Sunday 7th June and will close again from Monday 8th June re-opening on Friday 12th June.


Nick Hill 27th May 2015
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Bank Holiday Monday

Where the peaceful summer's day was disturbed only by the sound of Chris Rendall screaming through the car park in a beautiful red Ferrari.

21 turned out for our day of light hearted fun, except Bim described it as a 'crap game' and Nobby rated it as one of his least favourite. Thank goodness we softened it from Malcolm's 'Multiplier' with all scores to count. So we went out in 3-balls with just 2 from 3 to count, but with the points multiplied - so that zero times 4 points = Zero, but in Fred Oliver's case Three time Four equals Twelve - which his Team did Twice !!
Most Teams coped pretty well and I thought it was an OK game.

Massive back 9 of 57 points from Hall/Chance/Dobson , again finishing with 12 points on 18th against Fred's Zero...

Anyway Bob & Roger made all the executive decisions and we were joined with Steve Atyeo (Barry's Mate) and Roger's Son Michael.  Bob & Colin had a Phantom Pro - but he was only allowed to bogey every hole for 1 point - but in the event they used him just once.

We had a steady 62 points which we thought was not too bad until we started to see scores in the 80's but lurking in the box was the card from the Early Birds with a stunning 90 Points.- which takes the win, so well done to them. Good scrap for minor places..and then came the rest of us.

Many thanks to Farmer Bob for working out all the money .
No cuts today as we were all off Club Handicaps and not a Roll-Up.

Cliff & Shirley were up there playing, plus a few other groups making full use of all the new buggies.

noted Tee-Times for Saturday Scramble:
08:50 R. Hall  / N. Hodder / ANO
10:18 Bob Barrow / Alan Chance / John Pearce
Plenty more spare though...

Team Stroke Front 9 Back 9 Points Bird
    All'ce Par 36 Par 36    
Fred Oliver 21          
Tom Downey 25 49 41 90 1 £3.50
Malcolm Roy 21          
Trevor Dobson 14          
John Chance 16 32 57 89 2 £3.00
Richard Hall 21           Paid
Ian Fielder 17           Paid
Steve Atyeo 19 48 41 89 £1.50 Paid
Goeff Dean 27           Paid
Bob Barrow 6           Paid
Colin Ireland 26 45 37 82 1 £1.50 Paid
Brian    0          
Roger Stone 9    
John Pearce 16 30 32 62  
John Lyford 27        
Bim Morfitt 9        
Brian Hodder 19 32 30 62  
Barry Singleton 21  
Michael Stone 9           Paid
Martin Leigh 16 21 40 61 1 0.50p Paid
Nobby Hodder 21           Paid
Bernie Skeels 21 May Stableford - 25 Points  

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