St Georges Day.

With a certain amount of trepidation ten pairs set out to play the 4BBB for St George. Many got into the spirit of the occasion by having something red or white to wear or in Richard Halls’ case both red and white. As we were starting soon after 8am the light rain began to get heavier and the wind picked up which made conditions unpleasant; full waterproofs were required and they were tested over several holes for effectiveness. Earlier in the day it was agreed to play fourteen holes starting on the fifth. This turned out to be enough to encourage the hardy members to play so much so that most completed the allotted number of holes and later on playing at least eight of them without rain so by the time we came back in our clothes were drying out.

The winner’s today by a clear five shorts were Maurice Arnold and John Pearce. Great result. They each received a bottle of bubbly. Second place was Bob Barrow and Colin Ireland with thirty points followed closely by Alan Dowley and Clive Fisk with a very creditable twenty nine. There are no handicap reduction today.

After the golf we all adjourned to the clubhouse for Bangers and Mash with those who came to enjoy the meal and the company, followed by the presentation of prizes. The Vice Captain John MacOmish gave us a potted history about St George to whom we drunk a toast; Stuart Pope ably assisted by Mike Hone entertained us with some Chaucer (can you believe that!); with a swift song to finish; enjoyed by all.

Thursday. For those in the short game workshop please make sure you know the time you are required and report too and pay in the pro shop.

Friday. Rollup 2 from 3 stableford.
Club match with Rushmore, 11 for 11.30am tee time.

Monday. Harper Three Towns drawn.  Match play in groups of three. Tee times will be posted tomorrow.

The Club are proposing to have a Gala night in November this year with prize giving etc. It is fairly close to our annual dinner; last year we had over 100 members and partners. They would like to know if we, the seniors, would like to amalgamate with them. I would like you views. You can tell me when you see me. We have I think three options:-

1.  To continue as we have done (there could well be a few more of us this year).

2.  Join with them and have just one event.

3.  Book a table or two at their event for those who wish to attend both (and have stamina).

You views will be appreciated.

Enjoy your golf.   AD 13.4.14.
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St Georges Day Bangers and Mash.
Wednesday 23rd April.

As the weather forecast is indifferent for tomorrow some members may choose not to play. However, you may wish to meet up for bangers and mash and the opportunity to have an informal meal with other members of the seniors. This being the case, could I suggest that members meet up in the clubhouse at 12.30pm for a drink and the food will be rolled out from 1pm and served in the dining room on a first come first served basis. Look forward to seeing you all.

Seniors Short Game Workshop.
Thurday 24th April. 9-10am, 10-11am.

As there has been a considerable amount of interest in this, Liam has agreed to run two consecutive workshops at the bargain price of £4 each.

The 9-10am group:-                       10-11am group:-
Alan Davis                                           Richard Hall
Bert Robinson                                      Bill Hilson
Ted Bryden                                          Rod Young
Stuart Pope                                           Ian Fielder
Alan Chance                                         Brian Anderson
Mike Hone                                           John Lyford
Tony Johnson                                      Mick Aldridge
Ray Wilton                                           John Bonney
Nick Hill                                               Geoff Dean
John Pearce                                          Colin Ireland
Paul England                                        Bernie Skeels
Nobby Hodder

If times are not suitable for you, please contact the pro shop and discuss the possibility of changing them with Liam. There will another date arranged for those who cannot make Thursday.

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