Qualifying Stableford September 17th.


There are plenty of rumours still flying around over the prospective purchase of the club but as yet as far as we know, the sale has not been completed. There was a letter on our blog from Paul Deeprose outlining his vision for the future indicating he was going to do a presentation and invite members to take part in a question and answer session. Please think about this and any questions and queries you have and come to the meeting and be prepared to ask them. As yet none one really knows quite what the plans are. If there is any news I will keep you posted.


Today, thirty six members took part in the qualifier in a fine but breezy day with the dry conditions continuing and the course under a little stress; some rain would be welcome. The greens are not as benign as they were making difficulty stopping the ball. The winning scores today are therefore more impressive for both divisions. Norman got the better of Barrie on the back nine and Geoff was a comfortable two points ahead in his division. Congratulations to them all.


The winners are:-

Division 1.

Norman Markby           38points                        £15

Barrie Heath                 38                                    10

George Willerton         35                                      6

Roger Stone                  34                                      3


Division 2.

1st Geoff Dean             36                                  £15

2nd Brian Marsh            34                                    10

3rd Robin Flower          33                                      6

4th Brian Hodder          31                                      3


There were two two’s, Brian Hodder was the only won who paid so he wins £22.


Friday is a two from three stableford discard. Several of us are playing at Enmore in the Quantock Stag Competition. This is the inaugural competition to test the format and decide if we would wish to continue. Could be interesting.

Meanwhile, enjoy your golf at Windwhistle.  AD 17.9.14.
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Captains Day at Came Down.

 On the rolling down land of Dorset and high above most of the countryside is Came Down Golf Club. Today we were treated to some wonderful views and with the good visibility we could see for miles; the coast and Weymouth to the South, Dorchester and beyond to the North. The club and course are over one hundred years old and walking on the fairways was easy on the feet and the greens were excellent. The only downside that we experienced was that it was easy walking downhill but a bit of a pull on some of the long uphill holes, overall though, a very enjoyable round of golf.

 Despite some comments, each team had a low, high and medium handicap member with what I hope were comparable handicaps. All apart from two teams, scores were in the sixties, most in the mid sixties with the winning team and the only one, just in the fifties. There were some long par fours and par threes with the eighteenth hole, a par four, a challenge today into what little wind there was. The winning team had a double bogey on this hole, the only bogey on their round that included five birdies, the remaining holes pars.


Winners today:-

1st Norman Markby, Barry Singleton and Alan Davis                59.5points

2nd Maurice Arnold, Geoff Dean and Bob Hollingworth           60.62

3rd Danny Dowell, Robin Flower and John Pearce                     62.5

 After the game thirty players enjoyed a meal of either Fish and Chips or Steak and Mushroom Pie with a choice of sweets and coffee.

Wednesday. Individual stableford qualifier off yellow tees, rollup and play with two’s available.

Friday 2 from 3 discard stableford.

 The availability sheets for the matches against Long Sutton, 26th,  and Taunton and Pickeridge, 24th, both away matches, are on the notice board in the changing rooms.

Enjoy your golf at Windwhistle.  AD 15.9.14.
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