Triple Medley.

Always interesting to see members faces at the start when scoring this event is discussed; not everyone got it right but he chief scrutineer made the necessary adjustments so that we were all finishing with the correct results. The very warm conditions and little wind enabled the course to play short today with big hops from the balls and slightly quicker greens but nothing untoward. Most scores were in the thirties, the winners much to their surprise, found themselves three points clear of the rest of the field.
There were only five birdies from the forty members that took part including a visitor who was very welcome with Nick Hill, Jurick Piasecki next years seniors Captain at Merrist Wood. Too hot to write any more!

Today’s winners :-
1st Adrian Wells & Alan Davis               41points    £16 team
2nd Bob Barrow & Barry Singleton        38                 10
3rd Brian Anderson & John Lyford        38                   8
4th Malcolm Roy & Mike King               37                   6             1 birdie

Also with birdies were:- Marsh/Gage 1, Hilson & N.Hodder 1, Morfit & Jeanes 1 and Arnold & Teasdale 1. Each birdie is worth £4 team.

The chief scrutineer has asked if we have to indicate who takes the drives in a Texas or Foursomes if we could show them on the card under the players’ name.

Tomorrow. Twelve of our finest go to Sidmouth to wrestle with the fast greens and the balls that want to rush to the sea.
Friday. 2 from 3 stableford.
Monday we play Taunton and Pickeridge at home. Team sheet in the changing room. Rollup is a 3ball Texas scramble.

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July Medal.

One of the largest fields ever for today’s medal, some fifty three members, played in ideal conditions off yellow tees. It couldn’t have made it much easier for those taking part; even the pins on the greens were helpful. There were increases and reductions; five two’s, only one paid though with fewer members entered. The winners in each division had their handicaps cut by at least one shot. In division two, the winner went out with a steady forty nine but came back with an excellent forty, three shots clear of second place. Division one was a little closer, the winner two shots clear of the rest of the field.

Today’s winners in Division 1:-
1st Mike Banfield         68     £20
2nd Mike Burt               70       15
3rd Tony Church          70       10
4th Roger Stone            71         5
5th Nick George            72         3

Division 2
1st Tony Stenhouse      65     £20
2nd Alan Dowley          68       15
3rd Ray Wilton             69       10
4th Ted Bryden             71         5
5th Jerry Stephens        72         3
Congratulations to all of the winners.

Mike Mosser was the only member to enter the two’s (that is pay £1!) and win. He collects £20 for his troubles.

All the results with handicap updates are on the notice board in the changing rooms and on How did I do.

Wednesday. Triple medley stableford. 4BBB,Greensomes and Foursomes, ½ sum of combined handicaps.
Thursday. Seniors match away to Sidmouth.
Friday. 2 from 3 stableford.

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