Must be dark at 8am now.


Most of the early starters must be on holiday as so few turned up today. Only one three ball and the other two played a rolling stableford. There were thirty two in the later starters; eleven teams of three and again two for the rolling stableford. Much cooler today but dry, the course playing much longer as a result. Scores were very variable with a high of seventy five and eight birdies.


Elliot was out with the machine and spiking everywhere; looks like a very slow job. The promised new rough cutter has been ordered and in theory should reduce the time required by some sixty per cent allowing the greenstaff not only to grab an opportunity to cut on a dry day but also allow them the chance to catch up with other jobs. The holes in the car park, at least the larger holes are going to be filled up shortly and the electricians are rewiring and adding cable in the clubhouse for computers. All systems go.


Today’s winners:-

1st George/Arnold/Ireland              75 points   £15             2 birdies

2nd Dobson/Heath/Sutherland       73                 12             1

3rd Stone/Lyford/D.Denning         72                   6             2


Usual handicap reductions apply for the first two places.

Birdies also for:-  Hilson/Hunt/Forster 1, White/Young/Dean 1, Davis/England /Chance 1. Birdies are each worth £1.80 per team.


Four members played the rolling stableford with John MacOmish top scoring with 34 point.


AGM. Last years minutes are displayed in the changing rooms. The agenda will up by Friday. If you have any issues that you would like to be raised please give them to me in writing by 29th October.

Annual dinner. Those wishing to go should please put their names on the sheet in the changing rooms with preferred choice off the menu. Time is running out.

Friday. This is the last qualifier to be played this season. Rollup and play. Two’s available.   AD 22.10.14.
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Which was the dream team?


Was it the team with a combined handicap of twenty one or the team with a combined handicap of sixty four? As it turned out the team in today’s Texas three ball with the lowest handicap got a gross par; not bad today, and the team with almost the highest combined won. Very well played; kept us all guessing though.

The course has got much moister in the last week and the balls are not running as far and even some of the greens were slow. Out of the thirteen teams playing today there were only three two’s. The early players didn’t figure in today’s results, surprising really as they must have missed the heavy shower that made the rest of us get dressed up in our wet weather clothing. Good opportunity to test out clothing and boots(mine leak!).

Today’s winners:-

1st Hill/Branchflower/Fielder                  63.34pts    £18 team

2nd Forster/George/Anderson                  64.67          £12             1 two

3rd Johnson/Ireland/Davis                       65.40            £9


Two’s also for Hilson, Arnold and B Hodder 1, and J Chance, B Morfit and Gane 1. Each two is worth £6 team

Usual handicap reductions apply for the first two places.


Wednesday 3 ball reverse Stableford Waltz, 321,321, etc


Friday is a qualifier. Rollup and play with Two’s available.


The AGM is almost upon us. The minutes from last year are displayed in the changing room; please read them and if you have any items for the agenda please let me have them I writing. The agenda will be posted a week before the AGM.


The Annual Dinner is in less than two weeks. To avoid disappointment, please make sure your name is on the list in the changing room and your preferred choice of meal is indicated. You may pay Nick Hill anytime you wish. The cost is £18.50 per head. I have been assured that the vegetables will be cooked to perfection this year!
AD 20/10
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